0.3.7 Update


  • Fixed Shop in Goopy Cave not working with gamepads.
  • Fixed some sounds ending too early, and not working with the volume button in Options.
  • Fixed bosses not playing nice with Hide, and Flashstone.
  • Fixed Hide softlocking Monster Arenas.
  • Fixed damage calculation for Hide's Damage Buff not calculating correctly. 
  • Fixed Hide enabled indifinitely.


  • Changed dialogue of lady infront of bank in corn town, she now states how the bank currently works instead of the old way. 
  • Changed how much Mana Well recovers per second to 1% MP from 3% MP, also lowered the level 10 bonus effect to 5% from 6%.
  • Lowered Training's Max Level Effect to 3% from 5%.
  • Lowered Hide's Damage Buff to 20% from 30% and made it last 10 seconds from 20. 
  • Hide no longer works with bosses. 
  • Added a sound effect to Hide. 
  • Training Skill's description now mentions it also effects Unarmed attacks. 
  • Increased Boss 2's health by 500. 
  • Boss 2 now spawns 2 Dark Goopy's at once. 
  • Lowered Better Offensive's max level effect to 1%. 
  • Removed Feedback Form from the game, nobody was using it. For the future please email or message me on discord for feedback!


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Sep 02, 2021

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