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As a cybernetic war machine called the Arsenal Demon, take on endless streams of 'Angels' in this fast paced survival arena shooter. Choose from an variety of dual wieldable weapons in your arsenal and dash, double jump, wall-run and bunny hop in this incredibly fast action game.

Clamp Demonic Shackles onto yourself to increase the difficulty of the ever-morphing arena in return for heavier payouts of score, and collect powerups to make up for the steadily growing difficulty. Fill your critical meters through quick movements, to build up your next powerful shot against the Angelic horde.

Fight progressively tougher foes and compete for the title of The Arsenal Demon against real people all over the world on the online leaderboards* in a brutal fight to survive.

*Internet connection required for online leaderboard access.


  • 8 Weapons (4 in demo), each can be dual wielded in different combinations.
  • 5 Power Ups ranging from Invincibility to Unlimited Crits.
  • 8 Enemy Types (Plus more powerful "Exalted" versions of each with improved stats and speed)
  • A Classic mode where you can quickly jump into the fray.
  • A Campaign mode called Demon Mode, where you start weak and frail and level up your Arsenal to unlock powerful abilities and stronger weapons.
  • Shackles that increase the difficulty of the next run in many different ways, from denser fog to faster enemies.
  • A worldwide Leaderboard system. Compete with people from around the world for that top score.
  • Procedural generated arenas that generate random levels of verticality, no two runs are ever the same.
  • Crits you can generate and store by moving FAST, then unleash more powerful shots.
  • Double Jump, Wall Run, Bunny Hop, and Dash with advanced movement tech.


  • wasd keys: MOVE
  • tap shift keys: DASH
  • left click: SHOOT LEFT GUN
  • right click: SHOOT RIGHT GUN
  • space: JUMP
  • hold space: WALL RUN
  • escape: PAUSE

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Parkour, Score Attack, Singleplayer


Arsenal Demon (b7.6).zip 102 MB
Arsenal Demon (b7.6) (LINUX).zip 110 MB
Arsenal Demon (b7.6) (osx).app.zip 106 MB

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LoL I like this game made me laugh when I had fun, Thanks for the demo

Im glad you had fun!


Very dope game.


Great game, it's super fun and very addicting! The movement in this game is so fast but at the same time feels so smooth. It's probably the most fun I've ever had in a game just moving around lol but the gun play is terrific too. I love the new update it adds a lot of great features, I especially like the stats menu. However can you please lower the weapon flash (not exactly sure what it is called). I'm a big fan of the flamethrower however when I use them now I can't see anything but the flames. I also think this game could benefit greatly from a codex of sorts. Something that tells you information or the story behind the different types of angels, maybe you could unlock more information the more you play. All in all this is a really fun game! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this on twitter and I look forward to getting the game on steam at launch.

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Flamethrower might be a bit OP.


Can't wait for Demon Mode!! :D


Arsenal Demon takes a look at almost all of the shooters released in the last 2 decades and shows them the finger. You won't find trends here. You won't find bland modern gameplay sensibilities. What you will find is something insanely fast paced, off the walls(as you run along them), with nothing held back. And it's absolutely glorious.

If you like comparisons, it's as if Quake and Devil Daggers had a baby, and that baby went on a never-ending "haste"(meth) binge.

I's a hecc'ing good time. Play it now.