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SlimeRPG is a top down Action RPG featuring Metroidvania elements which place a large emphasis on exploration and combat. You play as a girl who as part of the story transforms into a slime creature as a part of a freak accident.

As you explore the world, you'll find secrets and obtain items that benefit your adventure, gaining ‘Mutators’ that customizes your slime to better fit your play style (much like the ‘Paper Mario’ series badge system), as well as usable food items that grant temporary buffs.

Throughout the course of the game, You'll be fighting many different types of robots ranging from little helper robots to androids to full out mechas the size of a building, the posthumous pieces of which you can absorb for EXP and currency.  

All in all, I intend SlimeRPG to be a 10 - 15 hour long game which retains simplicity in its design, but allows the player to opt in or out for which 'mutators’ aid them in their journey.

  • High Impact Slimey Violence!
  • 6 Enemy Types Plus a BOSS!
  • 5 Mini Dungeons!
  • Mutators that change your stats!
  • Food items that heal!
  • Colors!
  • Name Input!


  • A = ATTACK
  • B = PUDDLE
  • Y = ABILITY 1 (Wind Cutter)
  • LBUMPER = ABILITY 2 (Fire Ball)
  • RBUMPER = ABILITY 3 (Heal)


  • X = ATTACK
  • C = PUDDLE
  • A = ABILITY 1 (Wind Cutter)
  • S = ABILITY 2 (Fire Ball)
  • D = ABILITY 3 (Heal)

NOTE: PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK and don't hold back



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