The BOSS Update!

Okay, here's the new update, the Boss update!

- Added a BOSS, defeat him to end the demo, which will give you a choice to start newgame+
- Added 2 new enemies, Frohawk and a secret enemy you'll run into in the secret rooms
- Added secret rooms (remember those locked doors in each minidungeon?~)
- Added the 5th minidungeon for the Frohawk
- Added 3 hairstyles, you can put them on from Customize in the Pause Menu
- Added more consumables all over the place, and rearranged existing consumables
- Added a healing fountain in the first room to heal at if needed
- Added a new exploration ability, Floater, you can now float on water (only used in the last minidungeon for now) Without this ability, Slime would drown automatically
- Added a new exploration ability, Puddle Dash, you can now dash around and should make fights more fun
- Added indicators at the top left corner when an exploration ability is used
- Added Newgame+
- Added Food Items that act as recovery items, these can be bought from Melysa's shop or dropped from enemies (20% drop rate for now).
- Added Stomache Menu for Food Items.
- Replaced the Skillboard with Mutators, these are items you can equip onto slots for bonus stats. Think Paper Mario's Badge system. You can find them via exploring or buy them.
- Added the first friendly NPC in the game, Melysa. You can find her in the starting room, infact she'll even hop over to you. She'll sell you Mutators and Items.
- Replaced Cast Speed stat with Spell Crit Chance, spells can now crit
- You can now rotate the model in the Customize menu
- You can now cancel animations by going into puddle form during attacks. Additionally, you can now attack from the puddle form.
- Rooms now load in chunks, acheiving better overall framerates
- Things you interact with such as doors and furniture are now more responsive
- Enemies now respawn when you leave the room
- You now take damage when attacking spikes or projectiles with regular attacks
- You now can't unpuddle if something is above you. If you have 0 EP while underneath something, you will take 1 damage per second.
- Damage Numbers and EXP Text now display much more clearly
- Falling off the level will now fully replenish HP and EP
- More additional changes to the Pause Menu, plus fixes
- Tons of little fixes and adjustments

More updates really soon!


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Dec 23, 2017

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