A downloadable game for Windows

A simple action RPG where you level up by killing monsters. You can also level up equipment for more stat bonuses. 

This is a solo project I'm working on in my spare time alongside the group's next main project, and is still in its infancy. More features will come at a later date, along with an actual art style. If you have any feedback, please comment here or give your feedback in the discord!

Thank you for playing~

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Wyrm Quest 0.0.1.zip 21 MB


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Can't find the third level. Keep wandering around the level 2 cave. Fought the miniboss fat catslime.  Lots of fun game though.  High agility is the best. So I can explore the cave multiple times as fast as possible while looking for level 3.  I don't mean that as sarcastic as it sounds. High agility is great.


Sorry Level 3 doesnt exist yet! Im glad you like the game, I wanna continue it someday.